Packages and Prices

3 Pack … $230

3 Private Driving Lessons

(50min. each)

5 Pack … $375

5 Private Driving Lessons

(50 min. Each)

Experience Package … $550

6 Private Driving Lessons

(50 min. each)

1 Highway Driving Lesson

(50 min. each)

Prepare for 

Road Test Package … $820

8 Private Driving Lessons

(50 min. each)

2 Highway Driving Lesson

(50 min. each)


Private Lessons … $79

Provide individualized one-on-one instruction, so that we can customize the lessons to students’ specific needs.  Need some help with that 3-point turn, or maybe that pesky parallel parking?  We’ll discuss your needs and focus on those skills.

Length: 50 min.

Highway Driving Lesson … $110

Entrance ramps, exit ramps, high speeds and passing cars can be dangerous for new drivers. Don’t let their first time on the highway be when they are alone. We’ll work with students to teach them proper procedures and following distances. Safety is our number one priority and we want to be certain students are prepared for highway driving.  Therefore a minimum of one private lesson is required to purchase the Highway Lesson.  Contact us for more details.

Length: 50 min.

Road Test Assessment … $50

Are you wondering, “Am I ready to take the road test” or “Is my son or daughter ready for the test?”  We will conduct a mock road test with students to evaluate your skills. We will then provide feedback on your driving performance, including tips and techniques to further practice. We can even help you schedule your road test through our access to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles scheduling system.    

While our goal is to have every student pass their road test, we cannot guarantee that every student will. Practicing with us and practice outside of class are the keys to the best possible results of the road test.

Length: 30 min.

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We provide a customized experience for each learner.  

Therefore it is necessary to call to schedule your lessons.

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