Finger Lakes Driving

School is proud to offer the

New York State Department

of Motor Vehicle 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Driving Course.

Why take the pre-licensing course with Finger Lakes Driving School?

We offer a complete pre-licensing course that strictly follows York State Department of Motor Vehicle standards. We also offer competitive price.

Finger Lakes Driving School knows the statistics; especially this one from

“Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.”


What is it? 

The pre-licensing course is a New York State Department of Motor Vehicle required course for anyone who is applying (or re-applying) for a drivers license.


If this is the only formal driving education that your teen will receive, feel comfortable in that Finger Lakes Driving School will work hard to educate your teen about the dangers and responsibilities of driving.


5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Open to all students 16 and up with a valid learners permit!   Pick a date convenient for you below and follow the steps to sign up for the Zoom Class.  Want to know more? Scroll down for a discription.  

When you are learnining to drive, it is important that you are Able 2 drive in a manner that is focused and alert.  You must also have a great attitude.  You don't want to be the person that you see on the road that is willing to drive with branches hanging out of their trunk.  This could hit other vehicles.  You must be Able2 see a hazzard and react to the person that is willing to drivewithbranches hanging out of their trunk. The  5 hour course teaches students to be focus, alert, and knowledgable about rules of the road.  

Please follow these directions:

1. Select the day and time that works for you and pay at the link above.  

2. Upon payment completion you will be redirected to a link to zoom.  Register for the meeting there.

3. a)Send us a picture of the FRONT of the attendees PHOTO learners permit b) Include a close up clear high quality picture of the barcode on the BACK           Email it here.     

Requirements for the course:

< Must be present, audible, and visable for the entire course.

<Participation is expected.  

< Computer or phone with camera and audio functioning and on the entire course unless asked otherwise.

< Download the zoom app to your device.

< Send an in Focus, Clear picture of the BACK (barcode) and Front of your Photo Learners permit by click here  

< Permit MUST be sent no later than 12 hours prior to the course. As soon as possible is greatly appreciated.

Class Dates/Price

Scroll for directions

5 Hour Course 4:15 pm Online
Name of Person Attending
5 Hour Course 4:15 pm Online
Name of Person Attending

As of July 1, Price will be $50.00