Our goal is to help people of the Finger Lakes Region

become better, safer drivers through education and training.

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We offer affordable, private driving lessons—including individual highway lessons and road test practice. Classes run for 55 min. See our packages to select an option that is best for you.

State-required course for anyone applying for a drivers license.

At Finger Lakes Driving School, our goal is to teach students to be better, safer drivers, through education and training.

The #1 cause of teen deaths (both nationally and locally) is automobile accidents. They can change lives—and families—forever. Finger Lakes Driving School is dedicated to helping lower this tragic statistic.

We don’t just stop at instructing first-time student drivers. We also offer programs for licensed adult drivers, including the Point & Insurance Reduction Program (also known as the “defensive driving” course).

Our car is safe, comfortable and clean. It’s smaller size enables easy maneuverability. While most driving schools’ cars only have one extra brake (for the instructor), ours is also equipped with an extra gas pedal! Learn to drive in the air-conditioned comfort of the safest possible vehicle.

Students at the Finger Lakes Driving School will also receive personal one-on-one instruction directly with the school owner.  You can count on direct results in a caring and helpful environment.

Packages and Prices

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At Finger Lakes Driving School, we set our hours with the typical working person or student in mind.

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Monday–Friday: 3 – 8 pm

If these hours don’t work for you, we’ll be happy to make arrangements to meet your schedule. Call us today!

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